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Chandler Day Habilitation Program Center

At Lochland, our residents and participants are provided with opportunities to realize success. They are given the freedom to make choices, voice opinions and develop their own identities. Providing a meaningful, empowered and independent life to individuals with IDD is the mission of our organization.

The Greenhouse, The Day Habilitation program building at Lochland has been a central location for learning and fun since 1936, and for many years the Greenhouse was used as a summer playhouse and learning center. Children from the community came to play, learn skills, camp out in the summer and celebrate holidays throughout the year

Today, nearly 90 years later, we’re pleased to report the Greenhouse maintains its original status as a place for “learning and fun” as the Chandler Day Habilitation Program Center. At the Center, Lochland offers activities that offer learning and enrichment to each person.We strive to meet each individual’s valued outcomes and needs. Below are some of the many activities offered to the participants at the Chandler Day Habilitation Program Center: Participants also enjoy a variety of fun seasonal excursions and activities.

Activities and outings enjoyed:

  • Arts — Guitar and dance lessons, weekly music class, arts and crafts
  • Wellness — Walking, swimming, bowling, exercise programs, nutritional support, memory care, speech therapy, massage therapy and personal exercise/health training, hair care and nail care
  • Community Volunteerism — Linden Shop, Mobil Meals, Geneva General Hospital, Adult Day Health Center, Meals on Wheels and Seneca Park Zoo Butterfly Beltway
  • Museums — Genesee Country Museum, Corning Museum, Strong Museum and Science Center, Strasenburg Planetarium and Sonnenberg Gardens
  • Parks — Butternut Falls, Watkins Glen State Park, Seneca Lake State Park, Fair Haven State Park, Outlet Trail and Taughannock State Park
  • Learning Activities — Visits to the library, basic sign language, computer skills, budgeting, meal preparation, kitchen safety, menu planning as well as grocery shopping, daily living tasks to enhance preparation for a job or volunteer opportunity
  • Shopping — Eastview Mall, Carousel Mall, Market Place Mall and Waterloo Premium Outlets
  • Amusements — Darien Lake Theme Park Resort, Seabreeze Amusement Park and New York State Fair
  • Zoos — Burnett Park Zoo and Seneca Park Zoo; Lochland is a part of the Butterfly Beltway sponsored by Seneca Park Zoo participating in an annual butterfly release on campus. Our Day Habilitation Program participants have participated in the Monarch butterfly release program since 2007.

Residential Habilitation

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes area in Geneva, New York, Lochland provides a unique, small residential setting for developmentally disabled adults. Our facilities are housed in five, state certified and supervised Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) and one private tuition supportive apartment. Each house has trained residential staff who supervise and encourage the residents in all areas of development. Our Staff members provide guidance and assistance when needed, and allow residents the freedom to make choices, voice opinions and develop their own identities.

The area surrounding the campus is dominated by stately homes that border on Seneca Lake, one of the largest of the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. Lochland’s campus of shaded groves of chestnut and oak trees, and spacious well-trimmed lawns that slope to the lake offer an atmosphere is that is picturesque, park-like and serene.

Stewart House IRA

Stewart IRA is an historic three story mansion overlooking Seneca Lake and serves as the center of our campus. It is the original, historic residence purchased by Ms. Florence Stewart in 1936, and was OPWDD certified in 2005. Stewart IRA offers an opportunity for persons with diverse intellectual and physical abilities to live and learn together. It has 4 single barrier free bedrooms located on the 1st floor and 4 single bedrooms located on the 2nd floor. The 4 barrier free bedrooms located on the 1st floor share barrier free accessible bathrooms. The 4 single bedrooms on the 2nd floor have single bathrooms attached.

The home has significant historical importance to Geneva as well as to the history of Women’s Rights, and is noted in the local historical society.

Stewart Apartment IRA

This supervised IRA is located on the 3rd floor of the beautiful Stewart Mansion. This apartment is ideal for ambulatory, young or energetic adults. This apartment offers 2 single bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, dining room, kitchen and laundry area.

Campbell IRA

The Campbell IRA is a home for five people. It consists of 1 single and 2 double bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. This is a two story home with 1 double bedroom and full bath located on the first floor that is accessible and 1 ½ bathrooms with single and double bedrooms upstairs. The home is beautifully located overlooking Seneca Lake and Lochland pool.

This house was generously bequeathed to Lochland by longtime supporters Alex and Ishbel Campbell. Campbell House was the first to be an OPWDD certified Medicaid funded IRA in 1994. This IRA is ideal for energetic, ambulatory people. 24/7 staff supervision and oversight is provided. The downstairs bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room are barrier free, 2nd floor bedrooms and baths are not accessible.